Pine, Beach Pinus pinaster Soland

Pine, Beach Pinus pinaster Soland.

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Pine, Beach Essential Oil

Latin Name: Pinus pinaster Soland.

Source: France

Part of plant: Needles

Grade: Pure & Natural

Aroma Character: Soft coniferous, sweet-balsamic

Blends Well with: Angelica Root, Cedarwood, Grapefruit.

Pine, Beach Properties: Antiseptic, protects the mucous membranes of bronchial tract and uro-genital system; strengthening, circulatory tonic; germicide for the air.

Pine, Beach Indications: Bronchitis, sinusitis; chronic bladder inflammation; circulatory disturbances; disinfects room air.

Pine, Beach Main Components: Alpha- and beta-pinene, delta 3-carene, terpineolene, beta-caryophyllene, Borneo Camphor.

Pine, Beach Contraindications, side effects: None known for normal dosage, but take in weak doses for internal applications.

Pine, Beach is also known as Sea Pine. It is found growing in the Mediterranean costal area in Europe. The essential oil is very effective for the flu and respiratory infections. It is an expectorant and drying so its best not to use in the early stages of a respiratory infection when the mucous is hard and the cough is painful. Best to be used when there is an excess of mucous. The interesting thing about Pine, Beach is that it has a higher ester content than other pine essential oils. This adds to its analgesic effect as well as giving it sedative properties.

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