Pocket Popper Cutie Kit

Pocket Popper Cutie Kit

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Pocket Popper Cutie Kit

You’re on a plane, train or overcrowded bus, and it’s hot.  Really hot.

Your feet are burning, your face feels like it’s on fire and you don’t feel particularly fresh.  Rather than be on the receiving end of some questionable looks, pop out your set of Pocket Popper Cuties.  Small, lighweight and most importantly refreshing.

Cool Face is the go-to whn you feel your face heating up in a croded situation.  Lightly spritz onto your face and the natural citrus oils will seep into your skin.

If your feet are aching from being encompassed in tight shoes or running around all day, the Myrtle and Sage essential oils found in Cool Feet will gently sooth and freshen your feet.

With hints of Grapefruit, Sage and Myrrh, the Body Deo fragrance has the right blend to leave you feeling rejuvenated.   Spritz on underarm or onto feet for an instant freshen up.

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