Neroli Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium ssp amara)

Neroli - (Bitter Orange Blossom) Citrus bigaradia Risso, C. aurantium L. ssp amara

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Neroli (Bitter Orange Blossom) Essential Oil

Latin Name: Citrus bigaradia Risso, C. aurantiun L. ssp amara

Source: Tunisa

Part of plant: Flowers

Grade: Organic

Aroma Character: Sweet-spicy with bitter notes

Blends Well with: Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rose.

Neroli, Bitter Orange Blossom Properties: Analgesic, anti-spasmodic, stimulates appetite, heart tonic, mild sedative and soporific; blood purifier, detoxifying; beneficial effect on skin; against infection, bacteria, and parasites; tonic for digestion, veins, brain, and nerves,; lowers blood pressure, "anti-carcinogenic."

Neroli, Bitter Orange Blossom Indications: Nervous depression, exhaustion, heart pounding, high blood pressure, insomnia; liver-pancreas insufficiency; plethora, diarrhea, enterocolitis through bacteria and parasites (hook worm and Lamblia); hemorrhoids, varicose weins, phlebitis; skin care.

Neroli, Bitter Orange Blossom Main Components: Jasmine, linalyl acetate, farnesol, linalool, geranieol, nerolidol, alpha-terpineo, nerol, dipentene.

Neroli, Bitter Orange Blossom Contraindications, side effects: None known for normal dosage.

Neroli, Bitter Orange Blossom is extracted from the fragrant white blossom of the Bitter Orange tree.

Neroli, Bitter Orange Blossom Essential Oil has a light, sweet floral fragrance, with a terpeny top note. Neroli oil not only smells exquisite, but is particularly beneficial for many stress related conditions. It is also a popular ingredient in skincare.

Neroli A warm sweet oil which has been revered for centuries for its positive effect on the human psyche. It is an ideal essential oil to counteract nervous exhaustion and emotional stress.

The essential oil of the orange blossom comes either from the sweet orange (var. aurantium) or from the bitter orange (var. bigaradia). It's contents and therefore it's properties are related. There are however certain differences between the two sorts, dependent on the origin.

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