Rowena Fragrance

Rowena Fragrance

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My name is from the ancient Welsh and means she of the white spear.

I am slender with fair blonde hair and my fragrance is sophisticated yet multifaceted inspired by the duality of the modern woman. For women who boldy face the world yet celebrate the darkside challenging peoples expectations with allure and mysterious sensuality. A fragarnce for autumn and winter, I am like the heart of the fruitful land filled with berries to delight the pallet full of freshness and light.  Floral, Fruity with Blackberry. Violet, Tea Leaves, Strawberry, Raspberry.

Do you see me in the holly and the ivy? Do you find me when red and green are together seen? Caress each trees bark and sweetly stroke branch and twig and you will feel me there and maybe see me dart from tree to tree like the bright red sun of a winter rising sun.

The artist wrote when creating Rowena when inspired by her fragrance - 'Under the light of the full moon, those who gaze will see. There, under the boughs of the ancient Oak, she dances, and dances and dances. On and on past the Witching hour, her changeling form makes spirals of energy. She is a female fairy, guardian of the wild places of the Druids. She gazes lovingly at her surroundings; slowing the pace of life to release the magic of the night. Stars trail from her palms to the skies, as the strength of her knowledge embraces the great power of the nature around her, while ivy embraces her, and the secret whispers of the Four Winds relinquish their secrets to her ears'.

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