Stolen Lives By Jan Kusmerik
  • Stolen Lives By Jan Kusmirek

Stolen Lives By Jan Kusmirek

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STOLEN LIVES is a gripping story of espionage, love and conflict in Eastern Europe in the years immediately following World War II. Poland had been betrayed by the Allies and in the ensuing Civil War, unreported in the West, its pleas for help went unheeded. Forests echoed with sounds of gunfire as Partisans of many nationalities fought against the Red tide, dying for the freedom America promoted but failed to assist. In the chaos created by the Red invasion of Eastern Europe millions became refugees and others were displaced by Stalin's ethnic cleansing and replaced in their homelands by ethnic Russians. The British and Americans hid behind the Iron Curtain they blamed on Stalin but which they themselves had created. Teddy Labden, now a freelance agent working with British, American and the Free exiled Polish secret services, works to uncover who has fed the Soviets the military intelligence that has allowed the Iron Curtain to descend. The forests become silent and pro-Western Partisans, men and women, are eliminated. Teddy vows to seek revenge and, with the help of the mysterious Witek, assists in the assassination of Stalin. Like so many others, Teddy loses his wealth, his love, his country and his sanity. The politicians have no love for Teddy or ordinary people as they continue to steal people's lives in the name of a meaningless freedom, in order to maintain a political elite without honour. STOLEN LIVES is the second novel in the trilogy 'Chronicles of Love and Honour' and continues the story of THE ENGINEER.

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