Tagetes Essential Oil (Tagetes minuta v.bipinata)

Tagetes Essential Oil (Tagetes minuta v.bipinata)

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Tagetes Essential Oil

Latin Name: Tagetes minuta v.bipinata 

Source: Madagascar

Part of plant: Flowering Plant

Grade: Pure & Natural

Chemical Componants:  cis β-ocimene, dihydrotagetone, cis tagetone, limonene

Aroma Character: intense, aromatic, herbaceous

Blends Well with:  clary sage, jasmine, lavender

We want to keep you safe! This oil is phototoxic and according to IFRA Guidelines, the maximum concentration of usage is 0.05%




A member of the Marigold family, Tagetes has bright yellow flowers and is sometimes called Southern Marigold. A nervine, antispasmodic, and tonic, Tagetes is used for coughs, colds, sores and ulcers. The Aztecs used Tagetes to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and to relax and calm nerves.

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