Titania Fragrance

Titania Fragrance

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Queen of Fairies in Shakespeare, originally a name for the daughters of the Titan.

Titania is a bouquet of finely crafted notesdown to the last detail like a newly created flower. This an exraordinary fragrance for it succeeds in being effortlessly seductive which unites contrasts turning floral notes into a mysterious ensemble like a small bud that blossoms to full bloom.

The clean, fresh, welcoming smell like energising water rejuvenates ones inner-self to freedom and love. notes of Pear contrasts Mandarin with at heart there is the scent of a battle between rose and ginger whilst Osmanthus and Cherry blossom with Marine notes make a special twis all with the feel of floral waters.

I Titania daughter of all playfulness mirth and feminine whiles, besport the day with tricks and sweet melodies, whilst sending my beauty to flower and form. I clothe the Fay in splendid robes and cloaks of invisibility seen by the wise who pass the nebulous veil of human eyes and then see the great and terrible beauty of our selves.  

When the artist  smelled this fragrance she wrote - 'Titania Queen of the fairies. She is a strong spirit, worthy of great respect amongst the fairy world. Quite able to manage not only her realm but also her consort Oberon she is feminine yet maternal. She is the light, and only has to be!'

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