Vegetable Oils

In the early days of aromatherapy in the 60's and 70's vegetable oils were simply referred to as "carrier" oils.  Nowadays vegetable oils are known to be far more than basic carriers for essential oils. Processed properly they have an intrinsic nutritive value to the skin which will enhance treatment. Some values are improved if the oil is cold pressed and organically grown.

Most people realise the nutritional value of vegetable oils contributing vitamins and specialised fatty acids and for example the phrases Omega 3,6,7 etc. have come into common parlance.  However, in cosmetics and high class skin care they have also become the backbone of activity from moisturisation through to anti-ageing products.  Care must be exercised as to what oil is suitable for a specific purpose, some oils which are very good for us go rancid very quickly and therapies should require good knowledge of the basic oils.  We recommend therapists read Liquid Sunshine by Jan Kusmirek available from our book section.  Every day new oils appear some are practical, some for fashion, either way using them is an excellent idea!