Amyris Wood Essential Oil (Amyris balsamifera) West Indian Sandalwood

Amyris Wood Essential Oil (Amyris balsamifera)

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Amyris Wood (W.Indian Sandalwood) Essential Oil 

Latin Name: Amyris balsamifera

Source: Haiti

Part of plant: Wood

Grade: Pure & Natural

Chemical Componants: Valerianol, 7EPI α-eudesmol, elemol, β-eudesmol, cadinol, balsamiol, carphyollene, cadinene

Aroma Character: Woody, balsamic, floral undertone

Blends Well with: Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Ginger

The botanical origin of the Amyris tree yielding this oil remained obscure until 1886 when Kirkby & Holmes identified striking differences between this plant and true Sandalwood by microscopic examination of the leaves.

This rich warm woody scent reminiscent of benzoin with a vanilla note is often used in perfumes as a base. It is wonderful for relaxation that helps to melt away that stress and anxiety.

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