Pink Pepper Essential Oil (Schinus Molle)

Pink Pepper Essential Oil (Schinus Molle)

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Pink Pepper Essential Oil

Latin Name:  Schinus Molle

Source: America

Part of plant: Fruits

Grade: Pure & Natural

Chemical Componants: β-Myrcene, χ-Phellandrene, p-Cymene, δ-Cadinene, Limonene, β-phellandrene

Aroma Character: dry, warm-spicy and fresh

Blends Well with: Amyris, Gaiac, Patchouli

The aroma of Pink Pepper Essential Oil is dry, warm-spicy and fresh, with hints of Angelica and Juniper-like notes. It can be used as a substitute for Black Pepper in perfumery. In aromatherapy, Pink Pepper is helpful for treating poor circulation, arthritis, respiratory ailments, digestive problems, infections, colds, flu’s and viral illnesses.

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