Aromatherapy Oracle Cards: 'Tongue of the Trees'

'Tongue of the Trees' Oracle Cards

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*The ultimate method of enhancing your aromatherapy journey with the aid of the subconscious mind*

Anything living produces, stores and emits energy. It is a blueprint of all the organism recognises, knows and understands. Plants communicate their knowledge through smell. Most creatures understand plant communication; at one time humans were almost certainly fluent too. In the 21st Century, however, most are deaf to their call. They no longer hear the whisper of plants. So sad, because any healer will tell you plants make incredibly reliable friends who will never mince their words!

'Tongue of the Trees' cards are your interpreters back to the language you once knew.

Each fragrance - with its own personality - explains the pain behind the card the reader has chosen. Bossy Rosemary, romantic Rose, spicy Cinnamon - and the rest of their friends - step in as aromatic intermediaries between the conscious and unconscious minds, relating their own knowledge in their own unique way. Just like with people, there will be those you come to enjoy easy relationships with and others whose iron-cold stare you dread. Unlike people though, Earth medicine always has your back.

  • Hear what your unconscious craves, maybe for the first time in your adult life.
  • Discover why it feels lost, and which essential oil it chooses to reduce the stress.
  • Understand the disconnect between the conscious you and yourself as child of the Earth.
  • Reduce stress, ease heartache, relax...more deeply than you ever have before.
'Tongue of the Trees' are for anyone interested in discovering what wisdom the plants have to offer about healing the spirit and mind, and can be used in alternative therapies or as an essential tool for life.

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