Chamomile Essential Oil (Anthemis nobilis) Roman

Chamomile, Roman Anthemis nobilis

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Chamomile, Roman Essential Oil

Latin Name: Anthemis nobilis L.

Source: France

Part of plant: Flowers

Grade: Pure & Natural

Aroma Character: Sweet, herbaceous with fruity, tea-like undertones

Blends Well with: Bergamot, Frankincense, Verbena

Chamomile Roman Properties: Important anti-inflammatory; anti-spasmodic, sedative, strong disinfectant; against anemia, stimulates leucocyte development; against rheumatism; supports menstruation; vermifuge.

Chamomile Roman Indications: Spasmophilia, neurasthenia, intermittent fever, influenza, angina, facial neuralgia; kidney inflammation, testicle inflammation; too strong or painful menstruation, nervous amenorrhea, menopause; intestinal parasites, constipation; pus-infected fingers.

Chamomile Roman Main Components: isobutyl-angelate, isobutyryl, angelica-ester, pinocarvone.

Chamomile Roman Contraindications, side effects: none known for normal dosage.

Chamomile Roman is a small perennial herb, up to 25cm high, with a hairy stem. It has feathery pinnate leaves and daisy white flowers which are larger than those of German Chamomile. 

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