Verbena Essential Oil (Lippia citriodora)

Verbena or Lemon Stalk: Lippia citriodora H.B.

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Verbena or Lemon Stalk Essential Oil

Latin Name: Lippia citriodora H.B.

Source: France

Part of plant: Leaves

Grade: Organic

Aroma Character: Fresh, fruity, citrus-like

This oil is a restricted oil.  Only qualified aromatherapists can purchase this oil.  Please call our Sales Team on +44 (0)1458 831216 for more details.

Verbena or Lemon Stalk Properties: Sedative and analgesic; anti-inflammatory, soothing, febrifuge; stimulates nerves and gonads (testicles, ovaries); dissolves stones; against infections.

Verbena or Lemon Stalk Indications: Exhaustion and nervous states of depression, insomnia, stress, anxiety; multiple sclerosis; insufficiency of liver, gallbladder, and pancreas; digestive complaints, diarrhea, malaria, amoebic dysentery (cysts caused by amoebas), Morbus Chron (rectal inflammation); gallbladder inflammation, diabetes, bladder inflammation, stone build upin urinary tract; cardiac insufficiency; tachycardia, coronaritis; Hodgkinson's disease; overexertion of the eyes; asthma; rheumatism; psoriasis.

Verbena or Lemon Stalk Main Components: Citral, geranial, neral, limonene, beta-caryopyllene, curcumene, a-farnesene, a-terpineol, nerolidol, neryl acetate, 1-8-cineole.

Verbena or Lemon Stalk Contraindications, side effects: None known for normal dosage; slightly irratating and photosensitizing when applied externally.

Verbena or Lemon Stalk was introduced to Europe in the 18th century. True Verbena oil is obtained by steam distillation from the flowering stalks of the plant and is a lovely greeny-yellow colour. It is native to Chile and Peru and found semi-wild in the Mediterranean region as well as Kenya and China. The oil is mainly produced in France and North Africa.

Verbena or Lemon Stalk is an excellent digestive stimulant useful in all kinds of digestive upsets and for congestion of the liver. Regular massage with Verbena or Lemon Stalk can help to reduce stress levels and anxiety. Please note that Verbena or Lemon Stalk can cause sensitisation and photosensitization.

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