Eucalyptus Dives Essential Oil (Eucalyptus dives)

Eucalyptus Dives Essential Oil (Eucalyptus dives)

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Eucalyptus Dives Essential Oil

Latin Name:  Eucalyptus dives

Source: Australia

Part of plant: Leaves

Grade: Pure & Natural

Chemical Componants: 1,8-cineole, α-terpineol, borneol, l-piperitone,

Aroma Character: medicinal, penetrating with a flat, mintish note

Blends Well with:  Aniseed, Basil, Mint-Spearmint

The name Eucalyptus come from the Greek word 'eucalyptos', meaning 'well covered', because the flower buds are covered with a cup-like membrane which is thrown off as the flower expands.

Eucalyptus Dives, commonly known as the broad-leaved peppermint eucalyptus, is a robust, medium-sized eucalyptus tree, with a short trunk, spreading branches and fibrous grey bark.

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