Mint-Spearmint Essential Oil (Mentha viridis)

Mint-Spearmint Essential Oil (Mentha viridis)

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Mint-Spearmint Essential Oil

Latin Name:  Mentha viridis

Source: Morocco

Part of plant: Leaves

Grade: Organic

Chemical Componants: carvone, limonene, dihydrocarvone, β-caryophyllene

Aroma Character: green, warm, herbal

Blends Well with:  Basil, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary

Spearmint Essential Oil has similar uses to Peppermint Essential Oil, but has a more gentle aroma, which also makes it a better choice for treating young children.

Spearmint Essential Oil is very uplifting and energising. A useful pick me up tonic that is good for in massage for treating tummy upsets.

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