Ravensara Essential Oil (Ravensara aromatica)

Ravensara Essential Oil (Ravensara aromatica)

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Ravensara Essential Oil

Latin Name: Ravensara aromatica

Source: Madagascar

Part of plant: Bark

Grade: Wild

Aroma Character: Aniseed-like, mobile

Blends Well with: Bay, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood

Ravensara essential oil is multi-action, to the extent that it could be compared with Lavender and, like Lavender, it is often more effective in blends than when used alone. It is a completely safe essential oil and can be used for anyone, including children. The essential oil is effective against flu and flu-like infections, especially if used at the first signs of shivering, and can often act in one day. It is good for all respiratory tract infections, such as sinusitis and catarrh.

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