The Fey - Fine Fragrances & Perfume

Fragrances created by master perfumers evoking La Belle Époque, that golden age in Paris of art and romance. These sophisticated, intimate perfumes reflect the greatest impressionistic perfumes of the age. A series of delightful and carefully crafted artistic fragrances with releasing notes of flowers, fruits, trees, mosses and the scented airs of Avalon. Inspired by the fanciful, mysterious art of Lynne Tansey and Nicola-Clare Lydon who portray the Fey, the fairies who make up the Court of the the South West and residing in the ancient Avalon, Glastonbury.

Each fine fragrance evokes the personality and sentiments of each named fairy. The wearer can enchant and delight with the finest crafted perfumes rich with the natural notes found in the moors, hills and coasts around the south west of England. The seven perfumes are designed for anytime wear to suit your mood and are entirely unisex. 

Enjoy the magic, scenting is believing, use your nose to sense another world!

For information about each fairy buy the small book Fairies of the Hollow Hills.

Each fragrance bottle is presented in an organza bag with an illustrated votive card. A great personal gift idea for the romantic person.